Satisfying Relationships

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Coping with the end of a relationship

The ending of a marriage or long term relationship can cause huge emotional pain and turmoil. Children can get caught in the middle and feel the chaos and loss that separation or divorce creates. Plans, hopes and dreams come crashing to an end. Friends and relatives can become embroiled and torn over divided loyalties. There can be huge amounts of sadness at the loss and often anger, frustration and bitterness.

Couples can work through these feelings in counselling to better manage the ending, to help reduce the pain and distress for themselves and family members.

If you are going through such an ending, it may feel that life cannot carry on, but through help and support a new life can be rebuilt. Happiness can often be found again from many sources. Confidence and self esteem can grow and careers can develop again.

Life after an affair

Finding out that your partner has been unfaithful will be devastating. People react in many different ways to the news. Some will want to end that relationship immediately as the essential trust has been broken. However many couples have found, with help of a counsellor, ways to work through their feelings, understand why it has happened and put in place ways to re-build their relationship and restore trust. Sometimes they may even find their relationship can become stronger and more honest than ever before.

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