Satisfying Relationships

Counselling and sex therapy for couples and individuals in Surrey


On-line dating guidance

The internet is awash with dating web sites. Choosing which one to use and how to present yourself can be very daunting. It's important that you find the one most suited to you and match the kind of ideal partner you may be seeking. I can help you best market yourself, identify what may suit your needs and interests best, how to avoid clichés and stand out as a unique person in your own right. I can also help you through every stage of the process from how to indicate an interest in another person and how to make contact through to how to carry out the first, or more dates. Your safety and personal security are very important and I can help you with tips for this too. It can be an exciting time and doesn't need to be fraught with anxiety. I can work with you to create a satisfying and healthy long term relationship, learn from previous mistakes and meet the ideal person for you.