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Sexual Addiction

An increasingly common problem these days is sexual addiction. This becomes a problem when the behaviour becomes compulsive. Examples can be compulsive masturbation, looking at porn, texting sex numbers, visiting prostitutes or having frequent affairs. What started as a casual interest can quickly escalate to an addiction. The compulsion to repeat the act can, in time, lead to guilt, self loathing, depression, secrecy, deceit, and financial loss, and can ruin many relationships, and even careers and family life, unless help is sought.

I can provide a treatment program that involves individual therapy and where appropriate couple and/or partner counselling. Successful outcomes require commitment to the process and exercises, and a will to change. Group therapy is also an important component to change. There are groups all over the country - see the organisations below for more information

Here are some organisations that offer group help:

I am a member of ATSAC (Association for the Treatment of Sex Addiction and Compulsivity).

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