Satisfying Relationships

Counselling and sex therapy for couples and individuals in Surrey


Relationship Counselling, Sex therapy and Sex Addiction Recovery for individuals and couples in Surrey.

Creating a satisfying relationship with a loved one is not always easy or straightforward. We all come with different backgrounds, values, 'baggage' or experiences, personality, needs and desires. Creating relationships that satisfy our needs for intimacy and love whilst balancing independence, managing differences of viewpoint and differing needs can be challenging especially when the pressures of work, family and raising children become involved too.

Other kinds of relationships such as those with siblings, parents, children, friends, and work colleagues can at times be demanding and taxing, causing us stress and emotional distress. Creating harmony, knowing how to manage conflict and confrontation, when to give and when to take, how to express our needs and be heard, are all important in the well being of relationships.

There are many reasons why we may struggle and find our relationships to be not as satisfying as would like. But things don't have to stay the way they are. We can learn to adapt our approach. Understand ourselves better. Learn about how others may respond to us and why. Improve how we communicate and more importantly how to really listen to others.